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CRV is a cooperative livestock management organisation of Dutch and Belgian farmers, founded for pedigree livestock. The head office is located in Arnhem. From the Deventer office sperm is being exported. In 2017, CRV opened a ‘Dairy Breeding Centre’ in Wirdum, Friesland. It is a centre in which the cow of the future is being developed. To focus on the future, precision agriculture is necessary, and that is not possible without precision genetics. The centre contains 400 of the best animals in Europe, which CRV uses to make embryos to help livestock farmers to comply with all social requirements for cows.

CRV is ‘a supermarket’ for sperm and third on the world ranking of sperm exporters. The export counts 40% of the turnover. CRV is a cooperation. Half of the profit goes to the members. The remaining profit is used for innovations and product as well as process development on an international level. The research is carried out together with the universities of Wageningen and Leuven.

Livestock is different in every part of the world. The black and white cow is widely known in the world but the red and white MIJ and the Holstein cow are mainly known in the Netherlands and Europe. The breeding programs vary per country. This partly depends on the demands of the client and the producers who produce dairy and meat.

CRV is active in 60 countries and has its own branches in 13 countries. The remaining countries will be served through a distributor. Branches in a country has advantages regarding sales of the sperm, reliability and accumulating knowledge. The sales market can be served in the own language. This makes sure that insights into the required key numbers regarding breeding values, nutrition, diseases, etc. in a country are established. All this information will be used to fill a database. In this way it is possible to accurately select a bull for the breeding program in a country. Inbreeding will be ruled out. Since 2005 the DNA pieces are being investigated, farmers are able to analyse cows in a better manner than before.

CRV is a company that operates in a sustainable way. The branch in Deventer, along the IJssel, saves the sperm in steaming nitrogen kettles. After that it will be shipped to create new generations of cows.


Export Countries

Europe all countries excluding Liechtenstein | Argentina | Australia | Brazil | Canada | China | Japan | New Zealand | United States | South Africa


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