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Since 1945, DAVO has been publishing pre-printed albums for stamps for different countries. Back then, it started with an album for the Netherlands, but in the meantime, DAVO is making albums for over 70 countries and organisations. DAVO has over thirty employees and 100 home workers in the Netherlands and Poland. In addition, DAVO Fulfilment Services looks after the entire logistical trajectory for web shop owners and companies that send product samples.

In addition to publishing albums for stamps, DAVO unburdens postal services worldwide by making, amongst other things, annual books and other stamp-related products. DAVO relieves postal services of the entire production and fulfilment process. What makes DAVO unique is that the stamp-related products are sent to nearly all countries in the world. Since several years, DAVO has been performing work activities for a growing number of successful web shops under its label DAVO Fulfilment Services.

From stamp to sewing machine

In 2017, DAVO once again worked for many postal services in the Netherlands, France, Israel, Norway, Greenland and Finland, to name a few from the long list of countries. We still find it remarkable that we made a folder with stamps about Nelson Mandela with a circulation of over a million copies, commissioned by Joh. Enschedé and the South African Post in 2014. In addition, DAVO Fulfilment Services is growing extremely fast. Some of DAVO services’ clients include Leerkrachtorganizer, Verfbestelsite, Alarineke (organic products), Matri (sewing machine equipment), Alca Fashion (t-shirts) and Binorm (slippers, socks and hot water bottles). DAVO makes use of its international expertise in all of this. After all, it is quite special to send mannequins to Chili or tweezers to Japan from Deventer.

Export Ambition

DAVO expects a continuing growth of the fulfilment service. Web shops want to go back to their core business and outsource their fulfilment. Internet is international in itself. The extensive experience of DAVO helps web shops to fully realise their international ambitions. Last year, DAVO sent packages to thousands of individuals in 116 countries with a satisfactory rate of 99.8%.

Export Countries

Almost all of Europe |
Argentina | Australia | Brazil | Cambodia | Canada | China | Ethiopia | Philippines | Gambia | Guinea | Guinea-Bissau | India | Indonesia | Ivory Coast | Japan | Cape Verde | Malaysia | Namibia | New Zealand | North Korea | Suriname | Thailand | United States | Vietnam | Belarus | Zambia | South Africa | South Korea


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