Specialist of big gardening products

De Fonteyn

Specialist of big gardening products

Fonteyn started in 1989 as an auction plantation, but now they have developed into a worldwide specialist of big gardening products. The 35.000m2 showroom houses the biggest and most diverse assortment of garden houses, porches, swimming pools, garden furniture, outdoor kitchens and barbecues in Europe. Fonteyn delivers these products to consumers in a 300 kilometer radius around Uddel. Besides the Outdoor Living Mall Fonteyn owns its own branch for the worldwide export of outdoor spa’s under its own brand name Passion Spa.


Director Dolf Nieland talks passionately about his company. “It is our ambition to stay the world’s number one in those seven garden sectors. This refers to size, variety, quality of the assortment and know-how about our products. A visit to our showroom must be an extraordinary experience which clients will never experience elsewhere. You must look at us as the ‘Efteling’ for gardens.”

Client contact

Nieland: “Our strength lies within the daily client contact and direct lines to the manufacturer. On a daily basis we get to hear how quality of products can be improved. Manufacturers don’t have that daily contact with the end-users of their products. This gives us a head start and we keep it by innovating continuously.” Regarding the spas, Fonteyn collected all input which resulted in its own line: Passion Spa. A network of 700 dealers was set up to make clients happy across the whole of Europe. Also, the past years dealers outside Europe were attracted. Together they deliver about 8000 Passion Spas on a yearly basis.

Fonteyn has a distribution center and warehouse of 60.000 m2 in 2 layers below its showroom. This is guarantee for a speedy delivery of all showroom products and the Passion Spa spas to dealers.

Fonteyn sees a lot of opportunities for improvements in many products. It is tempting to also pick up other products besides the 7 specialties. Nieland: “We keep things the way they are. Focus is important. It is challenging enough to be the best for these 7 segments. We still see a lot of opportunity for growth in Outdoor Living Mall and Passion Spa”.

Export countries

Europe | Canada | United States | Mexico | Australia | New Zeeland | Malaysia | Venezuela | Burkina Faso | Oman


De Fonteyn | Dolf Nieland