Button factory


Button factory

The Deventer button factory DEKNOFA was founded in 1951 by current owners Rob and Lydia Albers’ parents. The company started out as a turning shop for casein and polyester buttons. Currently, Deknofa is a modern factory and a wholesaler for buttons and fastenings.

Unique in the Netherlands

Deknofa is the only producer of buttons in the Netherlands. These buttons are produced in stock, and customers can also have their own button designed. The combination of wholesaler and production in one building is what makes Deknofa a flexible supplier in terms of models, sizes, quantities and delivery time. The large and well-sorted stock makes the delivery of small quantities possible in combination with a short delivery time.

Buttons in every size, colour and shape. Made of polyester effect material, polyamide and ABS. Made of natural materials such as horn, stone and wood. The production has modern fully automated spindle lathes and milling machines for polyester and natural buttons. And moulding machines for polyamide and ABS. Hand-made: Exclusive handmade buttons and fastenings made of horn, wood and plastic.

Export is important for the turnover of Deknofa, in addition to a strong position on the Dutch market. Deknofa is specialised in buttons for retail and the clothing industry. Because of the largely disappearing Dutch clothing industry, the majority of the products goes to retailers. This market of sewing supplies, fabrics and yarn shops are directly supplied by Deknofa’s own wholesaler, and additionally also through other wholesale companies. For export in particular, wholesale companies and a growing global market are of the utmost importance to Deknofa.

Made in Europe

There is increasingly more interest in “made in Europe”. Rob: “Within Europe, but definitely also outside Europe. In North America, buttons from the Netherlands are in demand because of their unique shapes and colours. We mainly find our larger export customers at our booth at the largest international fairs in Cologne. Furthermore, we exhibit at the most important fairs in Europe. It is important for Deknofa to further expand the export of buttons. We do this without losing our value of and attention for the Dutch market.”

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Austria | Denmark | Sweden | Finland | Norway | France | Spain | Canada | Japan | the United States


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