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Sports company


Sports company

Deventrade is a family company specialised in team sports that was founded in 1985 and is now being led by the second generation. Marthijn Pothoven, son of the company’s founder, is the current director. With the brands hummel, Stanno, Reece Australia, Derbystar and Select, Deventrade has developed into one of the largest sports companies in the Benelux. Deventrade has around 70 FTE of employees, and the company has its own sales offices in Germany, England, Belgium, Austria and Sweden.

Team sports
With its presence in countless of sports shops and great sponsorships in football, handball, hockey and volleyball, Deventrade is closely involved in team sports. The company provides sports clubs with team wear and other sports products. The clubs receive their team wear through an innovative sponsor concept between sports shops, sports clubs and Deventrade. The products are offered through a personalised web shop, where everything can be ordered via a club and member login. This digitalisation plays an important part in the market leadership that Deventrade has had for many years on the Dutch team wear market.

Stanno and Reece Australia are Deventrade’s own brands that they distribute all over the world and with which sports clubs in many countries are facilitated. hummel, Derbystar and Select are license brands that Deventrade has in the Benelux. Exclusive and from A to Z: with their own designers, collections and marketing concepts.
“We have altered our marketing so it matches the experience of the club, the athletes and the consumers,” says Katrien Wessel, marketing manager. “In the past year, we have achieved much success in Germany, where we are supplying many hundreds of sports shops with Stanno and Reece Australia. Germany has a lot of potential for us, so we want to keep developing there, and there are definitely opportunities. Our sponsorships are also important: with Reece Australia we are, among others, clothing sponsor of the German hockey union and with Stanno of the German volleyball union. This helps us enormously with creating brand awareness. For the future, we also see opportunities for tennis in Germany with Reece Australia.”

Head office in Deventer
The beautiful head office in Deventer has a 13,500 m2 warehouse with 18,250 SKUs. Every day, products are delivered within 24 hours. A logistical operation that requires all elements of the company to be in perfect tune with each other.
Deventrade is a leading Dutch company for team sports and delivers sports clothing and accessories for every athlete to perform his/her sport.

Export Countries

Via subsidiaries | Belgium | Germany | England | Austria | Sweden |

Deventrade distributes via importers to | Australia | Finland | France | Ireland | Iceland | Japan | Norway | United States | Switzerland


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