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Forest maintenance

DEVOBO Forest Service B.V. is specialised in forest maintenance. Ron ten Voorde started his company in 1982. Since he was a young boy, he has been fascinated with flora and fauna, particularly trees, and has gained an enormous amount of knowledge about forest maintenance and tree care. Always aware of treating the forest and landscape sustainably.

Ron ten Voorde is an entrepreneur who sees opportunities and creates possibilities to expand his company. Ron said: “In 2000, we bought a forestry harvester and wood carrier machine, so I was able to expand my work activities. From that moment on, DEVOBO mainly started to focus on mechanised wood harvest.” Ten Voorde calls himself a ‘passionate businessman’. His wide knowledge of all tree species, flora and fauna, make him a great teacher, who has educated many tree workers and forestry students.

With the purchase of the forest maintenance machines, his hectares of forest have been thinned. The trees are harvest quickly and efficiently from the field and sawn into the right size. All activities are computer-controlled and set in place, so the supply of tree trunks is ready for use to be turned into planks, pallets and MDF and OSB boards. The wood that DEVOBO delivers is partly certified with the PEFC quality mark (Pan European Forest Certification). Wood that stems from sustainable managed forests. This wood is sold to companies in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

DEVOBO is a professional service provider and active in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium. Its services abroad focus on the maintenance and thinning of forests, after which the trees are placed next to the road in the right sizes, ready for transport. If the customer requires so, DEVOBO also takes care of the transportation of the wood.

What does the future have in store? Ten Voorde said: “In Germany, there are many opportunities at the moment. During the January storm of 2018, over 9 million cub of wood were blown over, which still needs to be taken care of. In comparison, the Dutch annual harvest is 1.3 million cub. That’s why we will remain busy in Germany the coming years.”

In addition, there is a growing demand for non-fossil energy. In the Netherlands and Germany, more and more greenhouses and stables are being heated by combusting wood chips. DEVOBO delivers these wood chips, so the greenhouses and stables can be heated without gas.

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