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Building and maintaining the systems for broadcasters, operators


Building and maintaining the systems for broadcasters, operators

Divitel helps video transport from A to B. We design, build and maintain the systems for broadcasters, operators, and content creators that send content to TV, desktop or mobile device. With a client portfolio spanning the whole world with names like ZDF, T-Mobile and Ziggo this company from Apeldoorn makes sure tens of millions of people can view television on a daily basis.

The company started in 1996. Now, 20 years later, it has 60 employees in the Netherlands, Germany and the Caribbean and has a revenue of several tens of millions. Increasing technical complexity and changing demands from users are the cause of using the help of a thinktank like Divitel more and more often.

Abroad is a relative concept for Divitel. The company is a virtual one because it put up all its knowledge and solutions in the cloud so their knowledge can be used in many places in the world. This does not discount the fact that the company does have their special focus on a few countries.

That’s Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Caribbean besides the Netherlands. Entering the German market is a prime example of a successful export performance for Divitel. At the time they signed up for a tender by the ZDF. They were already working on similar activities for the BBC, which did not go unnoticed when they came with a competitive price. That’s how they won the tender and ZDF is still their client today. Which leads to new clients in Germany, because Divitel is also engaged in a project by the Bayerische Rundfunk, in which viewers use VR Glasses to enjoy a live broadcast. At this moment Divitel produces 50% for foreign companies, and if the company gets its way this will grow to 80% and they will deliver their products primarily ‘as a service’.

Export countries

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