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Drive by Wire


Drive by Wire, a Deventer rock band, ‘hell yeah!’ known worldwide. This is a band with many tours under its belt. Simone Holsbeek (vocals and rhythm guitar), Jerome Middendorp de Bie (drums/percussion), Alwin Wubben (guitar), and Marcel Zerb (bass guitar), together form Drive by Wire. Simone talks about music, hard rock, and blues and the role that music plays in her life. Simone started with her first band Cords and traveled the world over. Cords received a Golden Eagle, a culture prize and award from the Deventer municipality for proven achievements: offering the worldwide hard rock music scene a podium. This has had a positive impact on Cords and on Deventer. Simone: “I am proud of that!”

Hard rock with a dash of blues
Simone: “Before you have formed a band, you have worked at it for quite a bit. It takes time to find the right people who will fit into the band signature. Hard rock with a dash of blues is an experience that many only get to feel once they have seen Drive by Wire play live.” The new CD release has been planned for February 2018: Spellbound. A recording contract has been signed with the Italian label Argonauta Records for new productions. “This is special since in this way the CD can be distributed worldwide, so that Drive by Wire is making use of a worldwide network.”

Thanks to crowdfunding, Drive By Wire has been able to rent a studio for recording the new CD during the summer months of 2017. “The special thing about this initiative is that it has put us in contact with the people who love our music: people who constitute our audience and who are warmly disposed towards us – enough to invest in a CD.” The new numbers are “assessed” during listening sessions for a select group, where besides the Dutch, also the Greeks and French belong to the audience.
The contacts they have made in the past years have borne fruit – 8 day tours in Greece, France, Germany, and America. “November 2017 will witness the first performance in the Deventer Schouwburgen – cool!” The Deventer Apollo festival has been planned for the end of November. Out of this comes Rock & Blues featuring the guitarists’ shrill sound and the lyrics written by Simone. Simone says: “Songs that move you and arise from small, everyday things. I love that.”

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