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Protective covers for motorcycles, scooters and bicycles

DS Covers

Protective covers for motorcycles, scooters and bicycles

In early 2012, Apeldoorn brothers and bike enthusiasts David and Steven Hunink discovered that there was no specialist for quality protective covers for motorcycles, bicycles and scooters in the Netherlands and the surrounding countries. After an extensive feasibility study, DS COVERS was registered with the Chamber of Commerce later that year.

The initial range offered to the market consisted of one motorcycle cover, one bicycle cover and one scooter cover. These were initially offered to consumers through a Dutch website. Since then, the range has constantly grown and improved, and new sales channels have been explored and put to good use. Today, DS COVERS sells its products throughout Europe through its multilingual website and has a network of wholesalers, distributors and online marketplaces, including and Amazon.


The development of the constantly evolving selection occurs in Apeldoorn; the production is outsourced to carefully selected parties in the Far East and Europe. The range currently consists of a wide selection of protective covers for vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and cargo bikes, quads and mobility scooters. Various expansions to the current range are currently in the works.

Bespoke car covers

A large part of the current range is produced serially and is available from stock. As soon as DS COVERS started offering car covers, many requests came in from customers for car covers for less standard car models, such as pick-up trucks and classic American cars. The idea to produce bespoke car covers was born, and this product group continues to be highly popular today. These exclusive car covers are fully tailor-made to order to fully meet both the customer’s wishes and the car specifications.


The current organisation consists of a team of full-time employees supported by freelance contractors. The logistics are fully outsourced to an Apeldoorn-based order fulfilment company. David is no longer a part of DS COVERS (you will find him elsewhere on this site as the director of Haco Tail Lift Parts).

Export Countries

Germany | France | Belgium | Denmark


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