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Sales office

Dunlop Hiflex

Sales office

On the Hunneperkade in Deventer, the sales office of Dunlop Hiflex, part of the Italian mother company Alfagomma SpA, is situated. Dunlop Hiflex is a brand that belongs to the Alfagomma Group, a global player and European market leader in hydraulic hoses. At the start of the company in 1956, they focused on the production of hoses. Since the 90s, other components have been added, and the company has become a complete supplier of usable fluids such as oil.

Gerrit Fransen in in charge of the sales office in Deventer, from which the Benelux is served by seven people. Fransen tells all about his company, that delivers hydraulic hoses in all shapes and sizes for several industries, from offshore to agriculture. Dunlop Hiflex, originally a British company, was acquired by Alfagomma Group in 2005. Alfagomma has a flat organisational structure and short communication lines to be able to respond quickly. The company has 20 factories and 85 sales offices in 21 countries spread over five continents, but Italy remains its base. They have an annual turnover of 405 million euros.

Dunlop Hiflex, hydraulic hoses, can be equipped with textile, one, two and sometimes three woven steel wire constructions or 4 and 6 multi spiral constructions. Before us, the parts are displayed, so anybody can see how many and which components a hydraulic hose consists of. Hydraulic hoses are available with diameters between 2 mm and 76 mm and working pressures up to 560 bars.

Collaboration with Konnected
Dunlop Hiflex started collaborating with Konnected (previously Sallcon) in 2001. In the nearby building, 600 m2 is available, where the large number of orders are assembled. At least 15 employees, who have faced difficulties entering the labour market, work here on a daily basis. With care, precision and fun, they fulfil their work activities. Every year, 180k hydraulic hoses (finished product) are delivered to customers in the Benelux. Assembled hoses are equipped with a unique customer number and a production date. Every assemblage is unique and 100% traceable, from resources to end product. In addition, the assemblage department is ISO9001 certified.

For Fransen and his colleagues, there is definitely still growth potential for Dunlop Hiflex hydraulic hoses for the coming years.

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