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Manufacturer of Mirrors

Dutch Mirror Factory

Manufacturer of Mirrors

Dutch Mirror Factory is a supplier of an extensive selection of fine mirrors. These mirrors are mostly used in the sanitary facilities branch. ‘A mirror is more than just a reflection of reality’, director and owner Jørgen van Doorn explains. ‘With our clear vision, we make the finest European quality mirrors.’ In this competitive market, Dutch Mirror Factory has earned a reputation as a designer and developer of innovative mirror concepts at an affordable price. They also supply custom-made mirrors and private label collections to the bathroom industry, wholesalers, and the hospitality sector.

Affordable European quality

Quality is meant to last, and not just in material terms. Dutch Mirror Factory is a committed supplier of affordably priced mirrors that meet all European standards in terms of quality, safety and warranty. This is thanks to their strategic choice to use mainly parts of European origin.

Dutch Mirror Factory likes to contribute to the success of brands and companies that make mirrors that reflect quality. As a reliable partner in Research & Development, Dutch Mirror Factory develops products that provide added value to a collection or category. Jørgen van Doorn: ‘Take a good look in our mirrors and you and your customers will have no doubts about their quality. A team of specialists constantly monitors the quality of our products, which offer more than just any mirror. For example, we can integrate features such as heating pads, touch sensors, Bluetooth, and LED lighting into almost any mirror design.’

International success

Today, many customers outside the Netherlands have also discovered Dutch Mirror Factory. Quality, flexibility, and innovation play a crucial role in this respect. Moreover, the company stands for reliability in following through on agreements and deliveries. Their international customers include: Yotel – Glasgow, The Eliott Hotel – Gibraltar, London Chiswick Hotel – London, Jee-O – Maldives, and Van der Valk – Antwerp.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | France | United Kingdom | Maldives


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