Furniture Designer/Builder

Dutsh & Asiades

Furniture Designer/Builder

Jan – Wout Hulstein advertises himself as a furniture lover on his business card. It undoubtedly has something to do with him growing up between furniture. His parent owned a furniture shop and his grandfather taught him the trade of furniture maker. After gaining some experience in the import of furniture in payed service, Jan – Wout started his own company Asiades in 1990 and 6 years ago the brand Dutsh (no spelling error!) got added.

Own design

Jan – Wout started small, designing and building furniture. This got a good reception and revenue grew fast. That’s why he decided to keep designing, but move the production through a joint-venture to Indonesia and later China, where his son also works as a 6th generation furniture maker and can be found in the factory daily.

Successful in Asia

In 1998 they decided to go to a big furniture conference in Asia, first in Jakarta and 3 years later in Singapore and Shanghai. Jan – Wout: “This was a unique experience, we were the first European company at the conference and the furniture got a good reception. We were taking orders the whole day. We supply furniture to middle class who want high quality for a lower price. We are trendsetting because we advertise ourselves with Dutch Design”.

At the moment 97% of our revenue comes from abroad, mainly Asia. “We once started with a 250m2 stand in Shanghai. Our first client gave us a call 2 days after our first delivery: everything was sold out, if we could please send a second bigger shipment. We are preparing to go to the conference in Shanghai for the seventeenth time, and thanks to our success we have a 1.000m2 stand.” Besides China, Dutsh & Asiades recently managed to make a good entry into the Japanese and Indian market.

Building your own brand

Dutsh & Asiades has become a renowned brand in Asia. This ambition also applies to the European market. Jan – Wout: “We expect our growth to continue with double digits.”

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