The field of internal IT security policy, with all its legal and legislative regulations, is becoming increasingly complex. Independent, verifiable compliance of the rules is a great challenge. The 14-strong Easy2audit team can offer a helping hand from its offices in Deventer and The Hague. They do this not by means of a report but by carrying out live tests to establish just how cyber secure a business is.

How does it work?

Easy2audit is a software tool that controls and reports on technical IT security measures. The tool carries out automatic, independent audits which can be used for internal and external reports. The Easy2audit report comprises graphic (management) summaries and detailed reports. These provide insight into compliance levels and risks and can mitigate recommendations.

Easy2Audit compares the current patch level of the (operating) system with the latest security patches of the supplier (for example Microsoft, Red Hat or Cisco). If the system is not adequately patched this will be reported as not compliant, together with a detailed rundown of the security patches that are missing. Easy2Audit establishes per system whether antivirus is installed and whether the version of the antivirus conforms to the most up-to-date information from the supplier.

Partnership with KPN Security

Easy2audit is proud of its partnership with the largest cyber security organisation in The Netherlands. KPN Security plys the software van Easy2audit as a white label product to many of its customers. Many Easy2audit clients represent government departments, healthcare organisations and accountancy firms.

Work to be done

Managing director Marcel Kiffen thinks that small and middle-sized firms underestimate the commercial risks from hacking and data leaks. Marcel: “Far too often the people running businesses do not believe that responsibility is theirs but that it is something for the IT department or an external IT partner to deal with. Government does not agree with this attitude to data leaks and places responsibility with management.

Foreign markets beckon

The Easy2audit software ‘Made in Holland’ has also attracted attention abroad. Swedish organisations are already using it and the first customer in China has also been recruited. At the end of 2020 a campaign was rolled out to intensify interest abroad in the programme.

Export Countries

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