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Research Office for Rubber

Elastomer Research Testing

Research Office for Rubber

Elastomer Research Testing BV (ERT) was established after the closure of the internal rubber laboratory of AKZO Nobel. The former Lab Manager of AKZO was one of the founders and together with an external partner they decided to privatise and start offering test and development work on rubber on a commercial basis in the market in 2003. The company is growing steadily and in 2008 it got its own private premises. Thirteen people work at ERT. ERT is one of the leading European players in this market segment.

The main activity of ERT is to provide research and development capacity for the rubber industry. Hereby the focus lies mainly on developing and testing various types of elastomers. ERT also conducts such activities for adjacent industries. The customers of ERT come from all areas of the rubber chain: from raw material suppliers, manufacturers and end users of rubber products to traders and recycling companies. In addition to delivering R&D, ERT continuously organised trainings and courses in the field of rubber technology for its customers.

Win-win for customers

In Spain, ERT has assisted a customer in a lawsuit against customs. Customs had assessed a raw material as plastic, resulting in higher import duties for the customer. The test results from ERT have shown that the raw material was to be regarded as rubber, with its associated lower import duties. Thanks to the work of ERT, the customer won this court case.

Export ambition

ERT has recently invested in three new people for the team. These have now been adequately trained and incorporated, allowing the company to continue growing. The growth comes from both the Netherlands and abroad. 30 percent of the sales comes from exports. ERT expects to continue growing in Germany and France.

Export Countries

Belgium | Denmark | Germany | Estonia | France | Great Britain | Italy | Latvia | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Norway | Austria | Poland | Spain | Czech Republic | Sweden | Switzerland |
Canada | China | Malaysia | Russia | Singapore | Turkey | United States


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