Natural stone company


Natural stone company

Simplicity, precision and quality come together in Elstone Natuursteen’s showroom. Ibrahim Elmali tells all about his passion: natural stones. With his vision, Elmali has been building his company since 1996. Natural stones are sustainable, user friendly and easy to maintain. The types of stone that are imported, sold and used in objects are: marble, granite, travertine, slate and hardstone, cut and polished in several ways.

Elstone imports natural stones from several quarries worldwide. He has visited the quarries himself, so he can be certain of their quality. Because of his experience, Elmali has insight into the matter, the enormous chunks of stone that will be turned into tiles of the same quality. Only the best will be selected. In recent years, Ibrahim has built an extensive network in Europe and Turkey. The company is specialised in floors, walls, facades and custom work (countertops, table tops, windowsills and more).

Elstone Natuursteen worked with resellers in the Netherlands and Europe until 2008. Because of the crises, that changed. Many companies went bankrupt, and Elmali decided to start delivering directly B2B. With a team of professionals, he has furnished many company buildings, such as public buildings and hotels. The company has provided several different company buildings with granite facades, with an added granite panel of over 3m long that has been placed on the facade perpendicularly. He serves a part of Europe himself, and another part is served by a reseller.

The market for natural stones is complex. The Dutch often tend to opt for ceramic tiles. When comparing a natural tile and a ceramic tile, the difference in hardness, structure and veins is quickly made visible. Nature has its own signature, which is visible in the showroom and the finished works by Elstone Natuursteen.

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