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Transport company


Transport company

Emens Distribution & Transport is a young, dynamic, and fast-growing company. After gaining years of extensive experience at various organisations, Sven Emens started his own company in 2010. It all began with one delivery van, and in 2018 it has expanded to a company with thirty company vehicles. Emens employs 32 people.

Emens Distribution & Transport specialises in the distribution of packages. Every vehicle has around 90 to 120 addresses per day, with 30 vans they come across a lot of places each day. “Hundreds of packages pass through the hands of my employees on a daily basis,” says Sven Emens.

There is a great variety in freight transport: from bikes, coffee cups to curtain tracks and installation materials. The company works 24/7 on quick transport, pallet transport and courier services. Emens Distribution & Transport also carries out rush jobs with ease.

Outdoor furniture

This also takes place internationally. For, over 200 outdoor furniture sets are delivered to customers in the Netherlands and Belgium every week.

Storage and transhipment

Since 1 January 2018, the company has been expanded with a storage capacity of over 900 m2, with which Emens can offer stock management as an extra service. In addition, the company carries out relocations and the temporary storage of household goods.



Sven Emens aims for further growth. There is still ample opportunity for growth in the Netherlands, especially in fulfilment services. Internationally there are opportunities, too. Sven intends to optimise distribution as well as transportation routes in Belgium. Now, around five busses drive domestically and in Belgium every day and the intention is to expand this further. The border region with Germany also provides opportunities. Incidentally, packages are delivered there. The intention is to start driving routes here on a regular basis. Because of the increasing demand for pallet transport, Emens is considering purchasing one or multiple trucks.

The company has grown fast during recent years. This is partly because many customers are growing fast and Emens is growing along with them and partly because of word of mouth, that brings many new customers to Emens. It is expected that this growth will continue during the coming years.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany


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