Wholesaler of medical equipment


Wholesaler of medical equipment

Emergomed was founded in 2003 and is an expert and trading agent in medical and laboratory equipment and a consultancy for customers all around the world. “Our network of specialised partners in the medical sector and the transport sector allows us to implement solutions very quickly. With our wide range of services, we offer professional consultancy for turnkey hospital projects, design systems and gas systems,” says director Emil la Zade.

Emergomed’s assortment consists of three different groups:

Laboratory instruments that include the newest developments with regard to tools for analysis and research;Medical equipment: very specialised equipment for diagnostics, X-Ray, OR and neonatology;Emergency Appliances: Emergomed is an authorised partner for specialised vehicles and producers of medical equipement
Azerbaijan From these groups, Emergomed offers support for the design of laboratories and operating rooms. Emergomed has a very strong network in Azerbaijan. Emil: “Azerbaijan is a growing region. Thanks to the oil, there is also enough money available for investments in the health care sector. Azerbaijan has the ambition to become the health care centre for medical treatments at the highest level for a large part of the world.

At the moment, a five-star hotel with 300 rooms is being built in the Lenkaran region for spa and revalidation. Emergomed supplies all medical equipment for this project. Other successful projects are the turnkey project for the design of operating rooms to the design of ambulances in the ‘Nakhichevan Regional Hospital’. They also supply oil company BP, that is active in the region, with ambulances. The design of the ‘Bona Dea International Hospital’ in Baku is so successful that medical practitioners in the Netherlands praise the hospital’s many facilities. Dutch people are redirected for treatment to Baku by health insurance companies.

In addition to Azerbaijan, Emergomed also has a strong position in Italy, with mostly sports teams as customers. AC Milan, Juventus and the national cycling team, to name a few, are supplied with equipment by Emergomed.

Closer to home, Emergomed supplies hospitals in the Netherlands, such as the UMC Military Hospital.

Market Leader Emil expects that the sales to Azerbaijan will remain at a high level. Emergomed is now a market leader over there. In the short term, the current sales to Georgia will increase. On the internet, there is demand from France, Spain and the United Kingdom as well.

Export Countries

Germany | Italy | Nigeria | Azerbaijan | Georgia | Russia | United States


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