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Jet Waanders established her own translation and training agency, Engels met Jet, in 2016. After spending many years following a career in education, she was ready for a new challenge. This new challenge became teaching English to individuals and businesses. With the rapid expansion of the business, the focus has shifted entirely to the business sector.

Much of the work came from real estate agents for expats, mostly from the western part of the country. Jet gave bespoke Dutch and English lessons to these businesses. She frequently works with British and American clients. Besides providing Dutch lessons, she provided other services such as translating rental and purchasing contracts and dealing with the authorities. Jet also carries out translation work for businesses and organisations. This varies from translating websites, purchasing contracts and other forms of correspondence to subtitling company videos.

In addition, Jet provides bespoke trainings for entrepreneurs and managers. Jet: ‘It’s not uncommon that they have to give important presentations in an international setting to secure a contract or order. Together we look at the entire presentation and go through and practice potential questions and how to respond to them in correct English. Many managers often tend to gloss over this part and overestimate their command of the English language. It is, therefore, good practice to thoroughly prepare your presentation. You really can’t afford to come in with pidgin English.’ These presentations are going to decide whether you’re in or out of business.”

Jet also organises, with great success, business language trips to locations such as Oxford, Cambridge and Dublin. Within a short period of time, group participants raise their command of the English language to a higher level by combining both the practical and pleasurable aspects of the language and culture.

Jet is very optimistic about the future. Jet: “My client base is growing through word of mouth, and LinkedIn also works very well for me. I have also focused more on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and this has also turned out to be fruitful. Businesses who search online for a translation and training agency in the English language increasingly know where to find me.’

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