Infrared heater


Infrared heater

A young company in Deventer has the ambition to become European market leader with a new product, electric Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) heating, within three years. A German professor has developed and patented a very special heating product. A product that looks like a role of paper, but is not what it seems! The material CNT is an ultra-thin layer of carbon substance that is sprayed onto a carrier. These CNTs conduct electricity 1000 times better than copper, so significantly less energy is required for heating. The heating works at 230 volts or at 24 volts and is available as wall panel and floor, wall and ceiling heating. The applications are endless and are in line with the European movement towards all electric solutions!

Sustainable The product has many advantages. It is sustainable and cheaper (to use) than central heating or traditional heaters. The product is indestructible, has a very quick heating time and does not require any maintenance. Also important is its simple assembly instructions. No matter how handy you are, everyone can apply the CNT with just a few instructions. The wall heating can be applied underneath wallpaper, latex or plaster. It is easy to fasten the panels onto the wall. The advantage of the short heating time is that you will only heat the rooms that you want to heat! This flexibility will save a huge amount of energy and therefore money. You can control it with a thermostat or app.

Potential Potential customers for Entrasol are housing corporations, contractors and progressive installation companies. In addition, constructors of tiny-houses, caravans, large industrial halls and parties in the outdoor sector have become interested in the meantime. Interest has also been shown by energy suppliers, which was unexpected! In the Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Turkey and Switzerland, the first business relations have been built and this looks very promising.

For many countries, these heating products by Entrasol are very interesting. The Netherlands is a typical “gas” country, but in large parts of Europe, people still heat their houses – in an environmentally unfriendly way – using oil and wood. South European countries, that might appear to be less interested at first sight, are interested as well.

Entrasol owns the exclusive sales rights for the largest part of Europe. 2018 will be all about building an international network of importers and distributers, which will speed up the European expansion process.

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