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Ergonomic Furniture


Ergonomic Furniture

In 2003, Peter Heijboer started ErgoStore. Before that, Peter worked in the sector for warehouse trucks and lifting aid tool. With ErgoStore, he decided to focus on ergonomics and efficiency in industries, health care and education.

The products by ErgoStore help organisations to decrease sick leave and increase the safety, job satisfaction and labour productivity of employees.

The motto of the company is: ErgoStore. When you work with your hands and with year head.

The assortment still includes tools such as roll and platform lifters. These are imported from Scandinavia and delivered in the Netherlands. In addition, ErgoStore has a wide range of industrial chairs, benches, computer castings, transport equipment, protection and company design. These are often custom made for standard prices.

ErgoStore is always working on innovation and improvements to respond to the market and to customer needs. One of these innovations is Toolserver. This is an automated issuance cabinet for valuable parts or tools. This will prevent loss as a result of negligence or theft.

Electric height-adaptable custom made benches During the last years, EgroStore has been delivering more custom made electric adjustable benches. This varies from an enormous height-adjustable and movable table for the TD of KLM to laboratory tables and chairs to Heineken and Abbott, for example, as well as special workshop tables for the National Opera & Ballet. Owner Peter Heijboer: “The tables are really a niche market. Our customers want special tables that are not available on the regular market. We design the specifications in 3D in collaboration with the customers and produce these tables after approval. It could therefore happen that our tables can be found at the world’s largest table producer IKEA. The display departments are using our tables.”

During the last years, there is an increasing demand for special stainless steel chairs and tables for the food industry, cleanrooms and health care. In those sectors, there is need for chairs than can be cleaned in an autoclave (high pressure sterilisation machine).

ErgoStore is an importer or agent for several different manufacturers in the Netherlands.

Growth in Germany Peters still sees growth opportunities abroad. “Although I haven’t done much work for more market movement in Germany, more and more German, Belgian and sometimes also Swiss companies contact us. This means that there is a market for us over there. We are going to start a campaign to generate more turnover in the German-speaking countries.

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