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Music studio


Music studio

Record label Esc.rec releases music worldwide, for music lovers who prefer quality over mass popularity. Harco Rutgers, owner of Esc.rec provides musicians with a platform and launches exclusive and modern unique products on the market.

Esc.rec was founded from the need for releasing music that was not being noticed enough by other labels, but were of high quality. Harco noticed this gap in the market and founded Esc.rec in 2004. The music Esc.rec releases usually does not lead to big commercial successes. For Harco, it is quite a challenge to stay on the market. By not giving up and incidentally receiving financial support for his live shows from cultural funds, Harco has succeeded.

The Perifeer
The Havenkwartier in Deventer is Esc.rec’s home base and the location of The Perifeer, Esc.rec’s mini stage.
Here, musicians perform for a small audience. A wall full of posters with concerts of recent years and a room with showcases in which their music gems are displayed. Works of art for everybody to enjoy.

‘LP packed in grass’
Harco’s passion continues. The exclusiveness and the quality of the music also leads to the production of unique products. These works of art may make it seem simple. The inventiveness of the trained musicians and thinking outside the box has led to new products and special editions.
Minimalistic musical instruments, such as a wooden bowl with snares and a plunger that produces beautiful harp sounds. Vinyl in EP and LP format, packed in materials such as artificial grass, rubber and cardboard, that are not so inviting to be played, but fill the room with their simplicity. A music label with editions that would fit in a gallery or museum.

Record label Esc.rec cannot be put into a box. It is unique in the world.
Music, sometimes electronic, by bands, singer-songwriters et cetera, exclusive and of excellent quality, is released on this label. The music is delivered to consumers worldwide.

Export Countries

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