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Developer Assembly Systems

Esdec Solar Group

Developer Assembly Systems

Esdec is an expert in developing assembly systems for solar panels. With over 14 years of experience, the newest technologies are being applied, in aluminium, steel and plastic (with glass). The assembly systems are suitable for flat (FlatFix) and askew (ClickFit) roofs. Esdec has 40 FTE worth of employees, of which 12 FTE work in the Research & Development (R&D) team. All assembly systems comply with NEN 7250 norms, are Dutch building code certified BDA/KIWA and comply with the UL. Esdec exports its products to distributors and installers in 15 countries.

The energy transition is of the utmost importance for many companies worldwide. Its fulfilment will take some more time because of the many unknown factors perhaps. At 10°C, a company/individual will start thinking about placing solar panels. Problems with natural gas are increasing in the Netherlands, which means installers have waiting periods of 6 to 8 months.

Sustainability footprints in many ways for Esec
“Because of the high demand for technicians, Esdec is working on realising a training centre of 1,000 m2 in the Londonstraat. There, we can train sun power technicians in order to comply with the growing demand on the market,” says Stijn Vos, general director.
The R&D team carries out various calculations with the help of developed software every day to develop and test the assembly systems. Weather influences, thermal and turbulence play an important part in the selection of the material. The assembly systems are manufactured in the Netherlands and consist of Dutch materials for 99%. The logistics take place from Deventer.
For the assemblage, the company uses people with difficulties to enter the labour market. In Deventer, 2 FTE and at production partners contracted by Esdec, between 18 and 140 persons, depending on peak periods.

In the field of export, Esdec was present at the Trade Mission to Portugal, where the company left its business card, in the end of 2017. First steps in the US have also been made by opening a location in California. “We advise and support our distributors and installers in selecting materials and ballast and construction plans, so they can serve their customers in an efficient way. We also conduct research in order to equip more industrial sites with solar panels. 9% of roofs on Dutch industrial sites are equipped with solar panels,” says Stijn Vos. “Investing in sustainable energy is definitely an option for the SME-company. For our sector, there is still a whole world to be conquered.”

Export Countries

Belgium | Denmark | Germany | England | Finland | France | Ireland | Italy | Norway | Austria | Portugal | Ireland | United Kingdom | Spain | Czech Republic | Poland | Sweden | Turkey | Ukraine | India | Ghana | United States | Switzerland

Algemeen Directeur

Esdec Solar Group | Stijn Vos