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In 2007/2008, owner Karl Haagen felt it was time to say goodbye to his fine job as a production manager at a large company. He wanted to start his own business, and in 2008 he did so with the acquisition of Bensink, a welding and construction business from Twello.

In the years that followed, the business was further professionalised and expanded upon. ESTEQ grew from a relatively standard company to a distinctive competitor in the metalworking industry.

Distinctive approach

ESTEQ has a distinctive approach, offering complete metalworking solutions that include engineering and finishing services: the ideal one-stop shop for the customer. The company also sets itself apart by providing several in-house developed products. A fine example of this is their product line for yachts under the brand name Aluqa, with a fine selection of in-house developed yacht and ship accessories. ESTEQ’s driven experts and professionals provide full-service metalworking solutions, from prototype to series production, individual metalworking processes and a bespoke end product.

Taking pleasure in work

Extensive experience and expertise are a guarantee for high-quality professional craftsmanship. Everything is carried out by professionals with an unparalleled passion for working with metal; a passion and pleasure that shows in the constant search for new possibilities and applications for using metals and metalworking technologies. ESTEQ closely monitors the latest developments in the field.

ESTEQ is, besides ISO 9001:2015 and VCA*2017/6.0 (SCC) certified, also EN 1090-2 EXC3 and NEN-EN-ISO 3834-2 certified. This is an internationally recognised quality control system for the welding industry to indicate that a welding business operates at high standards and meets extensive quality requirements. This puts ESTEQ at the top of the welding industry.

Distinctive character

The business has a distinctive character and focuses primarily on the following market segments: equipment manufacturing, food industry, construction and infrastructure sectors, the manufacturing industry, and the yacht and shipping construction sectors. Everything they do is always done in close collaboration with the customer.


ESTEQ is also working on developing its business outside the Netherlands. One of their largest customers is a well-known equipment manufacturer from Belgium, and direct deliveries are also made to Germany via Dutch customers. Scandinavian countries are also a potential market for the future!

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany


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