Production of chemical and biological sterilization indicators


Production of chemical and biological sterilization indicators

Etigam B.V.

Etigam has been specialized in the development, production and distribution of chemical and biological sterilization indicators for over 35 years. These are used to  check the efficacy  of industrial sterilization processes. Chemical sterilization indicators are paper stickers or labels that change colour under the influence of a sterilization process. Biological sterilization indicators are used to determine sterility.

Surgical Gloves and  implants

Customers are both the medical industry, end users and sterilization companies that sterilize pallets of products for other companies. “Many of our customers are in the medical field. Our products are used to monitor the sterilization of surgical gloves, syringes but also of implants  like artificial hips.” Speaking are CEO Erik Wolf and Ben Looman who  is involved in R&D and QA. Etigam makes most of the inks and coatings for the chemical indicators  in house. A special market, because there are only a few companies in the world who can do this. Etigam is the market leader for the gamma sterilization indicators. In their business premises there   are  flexo printers where they produce chemical process indicators. The existing machine park has various possibilities for making customized products.

Over 70 countries

Etigam exports over 90% of sales to more than 70 countries across all continents. Erik: “Since the start Etigam has gone internationally. Our sales market is mainly in Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia. “17 employees work in Apeldoorn. In addition, 3 employees work in Toledo, Ohio to serve the American market under the name Sterimark. “China and America still have a lot of growth potential, especially for the customized labels,” says Erik. What distinguishes us? We know our market and the requirements of the medical industry very well and we can do it very well. Our strength is that we can control our own recipe and make customized products. “

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