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Building / Maintaining Webshops


Building / Maintaining Webshops

Since its founding in 2007, Factif has specialised in the building and maintenance of successful online shopping sites in the fashion and footwear industry. What is unique is that most clients are physical shops/chains who wish to combine the online channel with the physical shop: omnichannel. With this focus in mind, Factif has grown into one of the few specialists in this field in the Netherlands. The fact that they were awarded the prestigious Thuiswinkel award in this segment confirms this. It’s also the reason why increasing numbers of fashion and footwear online shopping sites turn to Factif.

The 15-person team is geared towards every aspect needed to make an online shopping site successful. This varies from search engine optimisation to maintaining an active community and from conversion rate optimisation to logistics, including returns. What makes Factif unique is the smart connections with the various payment systems. There seem to be few companies who are able to manage this successfully. Many recommendations, therefore, come from payment system suppliers: ‘If you want to have it done properly, go to Factif.’

Factif’s clients are located throughout the entire country and various Belgian online shopping sites are now also clients at Factif. The online market in the Netherlands, especially in the fashion industry, is highly competitive. Director Pieter van Andel: ‘We perform at a high level in the market and that makes Factif interesting for online shopping sites abroad. What makes our work worthwhile is that almost all our fashion and footwear shops have seen an increase in shop sales (often around 10%) because of our online activities. The online shops provide continuity, enabling the physical shops to keep their doors open, which, in turn, keeps our towns and villages thriving.”

The future

The technology continues to develop rapidly. Online shopping is becoming more and more mobile and payment systems are increasingly easy to use. Factif is the first company in the Netherlands, for example, to create an online footwear shopping website where you can pay for your shoes by Tikkie. And because the bank has all the address details, the shoes can immediately be shipped to the client. This highly user-friendly method saves on log-in time and improves the conversion rate. Factif likes to stay ahead of the game!

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