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Measuring equipment for industrial fabrics

Feltest Equipment

Measuring equipment for industrial fabrics

One day father and son started Feltest Agencies. As trade-agents they supplied paper machine clothing (industrial textiles) to the Benelux paper industry. As part of this sales process the fabrics are measured for thickness, tension and water content, but most measuring instruments were not specifically designed for use in the paper industry. This resulted in a lot of breakage. So the son, an engineer, thought to himself; I can do this better. His father found this venture a bit too adventurous, but son persisted and started Feltest Equipment BV in 2008.

Feltest (Equipment) produces – self developed and fabricated – measuring equipment for industrial fabrics and tools that enhance the occupational safety in the paper industry. The company focusses entirely on the paper industry. Among their products you will find: fabric tension meters, a thickness gauge and a moisture meter. The company has two, soon three employees. Revenue is still less than one million per year.

Remarkable about this small company is it’s almost 100% export rate. Only a few orders originate in the Netherlands yearly, especially from Eerbeek. This is mainly caused by the low number of paper factories in this country, about fifteen. So, products are being exported and mainly to: the EU (45% of sales), the United States, Chili and Brazil. Feltest has customers in a total of sixty countries, of which also China and Japan. Feltest is busy increasing export to those last two countries, among other things by working with new agencies, attending conferences, visiting existing clients and advertising. This extensive export by a company consisting of only two people might just be their best performance, thinks Marcel Lensvelt: “That a small company, such as ours, already supplies 1% of all paper factories in the world is something we’re proud of.”

In three to five years Feltest wants to increase that 1% fivefold. Marketing will be their biggest challenge in this.

Export Countries

more than 60 countries | mainly Europ | US | Chile | Brazil | China | Japan


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