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Fall protection system


Fall protection system

Flesst is the brand name of Luchtankers BV in Twello. Flesst was acquired in 2015 by Frank aan de Stegge, who has been working on expanding the business since then. Flesst originated following changes to the building code that introduced new rules regarding safety. One of those regulations specifies that roof maintenance must be carried out with, preferably permanent, measures that make safe roof maintenance possible. That’s where Flesst offers plenty of possibilities. Fless provides fall prevention rails and accessories without this impacting the architect’s design because Flesst’s equipment is incorporated seamlessly into the roof. With the advent of the new quality assurance act in 2022, such facilities will become even more critical. Moreover, the Scoop 12 directives that apply to the inspection of solar panels by certified experts also play an increasing role.

Total cost of ownership

The patented Flesst fall prevention system was developed from the philosophy that the person on the roof should not have to worry about falling so that he can – using both hands – fully focus on his job. Flesst offers both direct product support and training for users of the Flesst fall prevention system. Frank aan de Stegge says: ‘The application of the Flesst system requires some investment, of course, but this pays for itself in no time. The system makes accessing the roof for maintenance – including cleaning and inspecting solar panels on roofs – much easier. Scaffolding and other equipment are no longer needed.’


It is the company’s mission to become the world’s leading standard for safe working conditions on sloping roofs, a standard for both the safest and most user-friendly fall prevention systems. This mission is supported by a crystal-clear vision: Flesst wants to offer everyone that works on a sloping roof surface a system that guarantees 100% safety.

This mission, together with the products and services that the business offers, have generated a customer list with some notable names. This includes landmark buildings such as the Mauritshuis in The Hague and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, but also many other projects.


The business is currently also active on the international market both directly and through an agent in Germany, with unique projects in Belgium (including Ghent University) and Switzerland. Although regulations vary per country, the demand for the Flesst fall prevention system in these and many other countries remains. The number of export countries is therefore expected to grow quickly.

Export Countries

Germany | Belgium | Switzerland


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