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Trade in Coffee & Tea

Fleur de Café

Trade in Coffee & Tea

In 2007, Marc and Eugénie Steenhuis started Fleur de Café in an attic room in Diepenveen. Because of lack of space, Fleur de Café has moved several times and is now situated in a large building with 13 employees.

During the past years, Fleur de Café has grown to be a market leader in leaf tea in the Dutch Hospitality sector. In addition to tea, Fleur de Café also sells coffee to thousands of hospitality businesses and shops. The coffee machines should not be forgotten of course. With a domestic market share of 10%, there is still growth potential with regard to this for Fleur de Café. The basis of the success is the high quality for a low price, the 24-hour delivery and a strong focus on the internet as sales channel. They have of course got their own field service.

A new addition to the assortment are the coffee roasting machines. Marc imports these from Turkey and sells them domestically and abroad. Fleur de Café has also launched its own roasting machine and installed its own packing line. Marc: “Because of this, we can supply coffee shops with private label coffees. In the Netherlands, there are around 700 brands of coffee that are mainly delivered under private labels by 35 roasters.

Wide assortment

Fleur de Café delivers leaf tea and coffee, packed coffee and tea of its private label and other labels, coffee machines and coffee roasters. The coffee is divided over 50 different types with 5,000 different blends. With 400 types, there is a very wide assortment available for tea as well.

Proud of every deal

Marc Steenhuis is proud of every customer and every deal. But the export of South African rooibos tea to South Africa is something very special.

Marc Steenhuis points out that export mainly occurs on the internet. Marc: “In the Netherlands, we are very good at that and our products are found in the Netherlands, but also increasingly more in other countries. We have invested in a new web shop and our online focus is paying off. In 2017, the turnover grew 35% compared to 2016. We expect this growth to continue the coming years. The growth domestically and abroad is similar.

To increase the export, we want to build up brands in several nearby countries, starting with Germany. We also wish to set up our own export department.”

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | France | Great Britain | Luxembourg | Norway | Morocco | Suriname | Portugal | Italy | Curaçao | Bonaire | Canada | South Africa


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