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Industrial Machine Maintenance


Industrial Machine Maintenance

Flexellon is specialised in industrial machinery maintenance. With a team of 35 people, they fix failures of production machines and installations. Flexellon has its own workplace that is equipped with welding equipment, cutting and setting machines, lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and other equipment and tools that are necessary for machinery maintenance.

Director Louis Olthof: “Many of the machines are CNC-controlled in combination with a CAM package. We draw and design ourselves or use our customers’ designs to produce quickly.” The speed with which they act and the no-nonsense mentality of the company speak to its customers.

These customers include mostly production companies, foundries and machine builders. For these sectors, Flexellon performs machinery maintenance, machinery modification and machinery construction. They also have a 24/7 failure service.

The export arose from performing machinery maintenance at several different companies in Deventer. For years, Flexellon has been maintaining the machinery of Nefit. These include many German machines. The German builders were impressed with the maintenance work by Flexellon and they asked Flexellon if they wanted to maintain the same machines in other countries as well.

For plastic processing company RPC in Deventer, Flexellon performed all maintenance. RPC also had factories with the same machines elsewhere and that is how the export to Wales and France came about.

Louis: “We have grown along with our customers and we like it. For every request, we decide whether export is interesting for us for organisational and financial reasons. That often is the case and our employees are very flexible and are prepared to travel abroad for 1 or 2 weeks.


Because of the demand on the market, Louis expects the fast growth of the last years to continue. Louis: “When I walk around in a production company with my business partner Harm van der Vegt, we directly notice what can be improved because of all of our technical experience. There is still a lot to do.” For the coming years, both men expect to grow to around 50 to 60 employees, and not any larger than that. “We really like personal contact with our clients. We would like to keep that, so a size of 50 to 60 employees is perfect,” according to both men.

Export Countries

Germany | France | United Kingdom


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