Develops and integrates components for simulators

Flight Illusion

Develops and integrates components for simulators

Flight Illusion started in a hobby room in the attic. Marco Leerentveld had always been fascinated with aviation ever since childhood and could often be found at Teuge Airport. In 2001, he built his first flight simulator together with his father, a former Philips engineer. The flight simulator was placed in a hangar at Teuge Airport, and the pilots there were impressed by the simulator. He was often asked whether the simulator parts were for sale, and that’s how Flight Illusion was ultimately established. Today, Flight Illusion develops and integrates simulator components and sends them to clients across the globe. Aviation simulation, but also instruments for train and ship simulations, are part of the portfolio.

Flight Illusion has extensive experience in building simulators and developing simulator instruments. Their mission is to make simulation instruments that are as detailed and true to life as real instruments. In this niche market, production often revolves around small batches and bespoke solutions, which is why both the design and production takes place in-house at Flight Illusion.

A small team of engineers with expertise in mechanical design, electronics, and software design specialises in flexibility and fast, just-in-time delivery of prototypes and limited series of specialised products. These products are manufactured in Apeldoorn with the help of various tools and machines.

The customer base consists of top-level, professional simulator manufacturers and aviation schools from across the globe. Even well-known large aviation companies frequently order parts for their simulators at Flight Illusion. Various military customers regularly order products, as well. A new branch is the film industry that uses components from Flight Illusion for different film sets. One particularly unique commission was a project for the Indian railroad network, where trainee engine drivers use simulators with bespoke instrumentation from Flight Illusion.

Moreover, there is an extensive market for hobby enthusiasts who want to experience more than merely playing popular Flight Simulator products on their PC. Through Flight Illusion’s online shop, they can buy throttle levers, control sticks and other instruments that are compatible with many of these programmes. Flight Illusion offers a wide range of instruments for all popular flight models. Hobby pilots are serviced through international aviation magazines and websites. All products are delivered across the globe.

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