Floor solutions


Floor solutions

The story of family company Floormaxx is told with pleasure. From salesperson to general director, it were some characterising years. And then… a chance to start your own company. Ferry Mulder (DGA) did not need to think about that for long. In 2005, he founded Floormaxx bv. With twenty years of experience and a large network, Mulder is selling floor solutions in the Benelux and a little part of France. In 2018, his son Romain entered the company and daughter Lisa will follow.

Floormaxx is an importer of the best quality PVC and ESD floors. With its floor solutions, the company focuses on several sectors, such as automotive, education, building and construction and several industries. The floor solutions consist of tiles, with a smart click connection, that have been tested for: anti-slip, fire resistance, thermal and acoustic isolation, ergonomic damping and chemical resistance. Suitable for every sector and/or industry. The tiles vary in thickness between 5 and 10 mm and are available in several different colours.

ESD floors (Electro Static Discharge) are floors that dispose of static electricity. These floors are essential for the production and assemblage of electronic equipment, but are also frequently used in the food industry and health care. Ferry says: “At 50 Volts, your equipment can get damaged from an electric discharge. I cannot even begin to describe the damage at higher percentages. With the ESD floors and the other ESD products, such as tables, containers, safety clothes et cetera, working in an assemblage hall or an ESD-free space is improved.” Floormaxx has noticed an increase in the sales of ESD floors and products. In order to serve the Benelux and Europe better, the hall has been prepared to realise the stock and distribution from Deventer.

Sustainable and Circular
The tiles are manufactures from new materials in England. “Research has shown that the materials can also be recycled easily, so new tiles can be produced. Circular entrepreneurship that offers new opportunities for our company. Also within the sectors in which we are active. There is a higher demand for “sustainability,” Ferry and Romain explain. With Romain’s arrival, online marketing is being developed further. Becoming more visible within the sectors, with an improved website and web shop, Floormaxx is on their way to the next phase in their growth and expansion in Deventer.

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