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Feeding company

For Farmers

Feeding company

ForFarmers is an international company active in the field of conventional and organic feed solutions for livestock. ForFarmers works ‘For the Future of Farming’: for the continuity of the farming business and for a financially healthy sector that will keep playing a sustainable role in society for many generations to come.

Why? Because of population growth and growing prosperity, the demand for animal proteins, such as meat, eggs and dairy will increase during the coming decennia. It will be a challenge to produce this increasing amount of food in a sustainable way and to minimalize the use of raw materials and natural resources, such as energy, land and water. For ForFarmers, sustainability is an integral and natural component of doing business. Research by ForFarmers’ Nutrition & Innovation Centre is an important element with regard to this.

Concrete results because of collaboration

ForFarmers was founded in the Netherlands over a hundred years ago and has expanded its activities to Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom since 2005, by acquisitions of companies with similar successful backgrounds. Because of this, there is a unique combination of knowledge and experience that is being used to support agricultural entrepreneurs in achieving their company goals.

We do this by collaborating intensively with customers and with strategic partners. By offering customised solutions and Total Feed-solutions in combination with a focused approach and support by specialised, expert advisors. The concrete results for customers are: a healthier livestock, a higher efficiency and a better yield on the farm because of it.

Market leader

The enterprise has around 2,300 employees (FTE) on payroll and production facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. The main office is situated in Lochem (The Netherlands). With sales of around 9.6 million tons of animal feed in 2017, ForFarmers is market leader in Europe. The annual turnover amounted to €2.2 billion.


Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | United Kingdom


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