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Air purifying led lighting


Air purifying led lighting

Aad van der Starre started the company Freshlight B.V. in 2004. Freshlight stands for air purifying led lighting. Before starting Freshlights, Aad van der Starre was already interested in ionization and decided to focus on light and ionization. Because of this Aad van der Starre discovered lights are a great way to ionize, and that’s how Freshlight started.

With ionization negative ions are expelled that attach themselves to positively charged parts, such as fine-dust (and also viruses and bacteria’s) and scent. These particles fall down creating a cleaner air.

Assembling the ionizing led lighting is being done in China. The company Freshlight has over 60 employees working throughout the Netherlands, China, Tokyo and the United States.

Freshlight mainly aims at the agricultural sector, greenhouse horticulture and industry (utilities).

Two years ago Freshlight started export to the United States. Most deliveries here are done for the defense industry. They also opened an office in Atlanta, namely Freshlight LLC. Export is done to Japan and Switzerland too, mainly to the agrarian sector here. Also, they received their first order from Iran recently!

Export to the US is considered a great export-prestation by Van der Starre. The American Airforce tendered for unbreakable lighting in their basecamps, which should produce twice as much light for half the energy usage. To reach this goal Freshlight produced led-lamps with an epoxy housing to make them unbreakable. These lamps met the demands, but Van der Starre also equipped them with carbon brushes, which take care of the ionization. The American Airforce is very happy with these lamps. The stench in their basecamps disappeared and they now enjoy fresh air.

Freshlight wishes to expand the export to mainly European countries in the near future.

Export countries

Japan | Switzerland | USA


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