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In 2013, Niels Wewer, Ilse Kooning and twins Pascal and Carsten Altena founded their company Gamularity. Their origins are special: annoyance regarding popular game Candy Crush (150 million players) of which the four were of the opinion that this game could be developed and improved. So they decided to found their own game studio: Gamularity.

It was decided to create a casual game. This is a genre of relatively easy to play games that take around three to five minutes.

Strategic game The first game was launched in June 2017: Freezm! It might look like Candy Crush, but is slightly different. Niels Wewer: “In Candy Crush, you can only swipe, in Freezm! you can also rotate. Candy Crush only allows you to make two combinations, but now there are no less than ten combinations possible. Therefore, this game is much more strategic, almost like playing chess. “Another functionality became interesting because of this: multiplayer, the possibility to play against others. “That has not been done well yet in our genre.”

The game became a reasonable success with 20,000 downloads. “We opted for a soft launch, which means a limited launch in four countries: the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Romania. That’s how we could gain experience. An advantage was that the sector was impressed by the technologies we used and the set-up of the game. What we need to pay more attention to is the fact that the game was actually too complicated for the casual game genre.”

The four entrepreneurs use the learning affects for the development of Gamularity’s second game. This will also be another casual game with multiplayer option. It will be launched mid-2018 and the expectations are high. Carsten Altena: “There is a lot of interest on the international market to invest in the implementation. The first live test results are a deciding factor. Those determine whether the launch of your game will be a “dead in the water” or a big success.

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