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Producer of Games

Games for Motion

Producer of Games

Gamesformotion was founded on January 1st, 1990 by Arnoud Supèr, with the goal being of being a partner for the development and production of games under private label for toy markets, promotional markets and school markets. The games developed by Gamesformotion are very diverse. Under private label, games are produced for promotional purpose making use of well-known brands such as Monopoly. They also develop games that are derived from TV shows and TV characters. Also educational games for children are created. Gamesformotion achieves a lot of success with chocolate versions of the well-known board game brands whereby players can win real Belgian chocolate, and eat it. The products are sold to retail chains throughout the world of which the most export goes to the USA.

A game of chocolate

The chocolate games are a great success. At the launch at a German fair, visitors almost started fighting for this product. Initially it was thought that it would become a fad for three years, but after twelve years, there is still a visible increase in sales. It is expected that the take-off will be between 800,000 and 1,000,000 games in 2016. “The accession of the German market was initially far from smooth. The proposed German distributor kept seeing the product as a fancy box of chocolates. With caution and additional guarantees, an order of 3,000 units was placed, within a short time, 100,000 units were ordered. How nice is that! Moreover, it always gives you a boost when you see your own invented and developed games on the shelves in all types of big retail chains,” says Arnoud Supèr.

Export ambition

Gamesformotion has just launched its first export to Japan. They are working hard on the further rollout for several different countries. Recently, a cooperation contract was concluded to export games to other Asian countries. The United States also has plenty of opportunities to approach regional retail chains. A new product line of games is packed in a decorative can packaging. The first orders for these are coming in.

The remaining growth comes from launching new products such as gingerbread houses of well-known brands and licences (a kind of gingerbread houses).

Export Countries

Belgium | Denmark | Germany | Finland | France | United Kingdom | Luxembourg | Norway | some former Eastern bloc countries | Spain | Sweden |
Australia | Canada | Hong Kong | Iceland | Malaysia | Middle East | New Zealand | Japan | United States


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