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For most of his professional life, Ivo van der Putten has been working as a coffee broker. His work led him to numerous unique coffee plantations in coffee countries across the globe. When the large coffee chains began buying their own coffee, Ivo decided in 2000 to start his own business selling raw coffee beans for home use to private individuals and small coffee roasting companies.

Ongebrand b.v. was created, and the website was launched. Ongebrand b.v. began with the roasting of coffee from their own assortment on demand.

Largest assortment of Arabica coffee in the world

In the countryside, at a beautiful farmhouse located just outside of the village of Lieren on the outskirts of Apeldoorn, the coffee is roasted by Gebrand b.v. under the supervision of Yvonne Stapper and her cousin Sandra Nawijn.

The extensive assortment of A-quality Arabica beans is what makes Gebrand unique. They have more than fifty kinds of Arabica coffees in stock. Amongst them are exceptional blends, like the Green Tipped Bourbon from the island of St. Helena: Napoleon’s favourite blend, which he discovered while exiled on the island. Or how about the coffee from the Galapagos islands or varieties from the Greenland Organic Farm in Nepal’s Kavre District that grows at an elevation of nearly 1700 metres in the Himalayan foothills?

The coffees are roasted on demand and shipped immediately afterwards. Fresh coffee tastes so much better than the coffees you buy in the shops.

Coffee roasters and green coffee beans

Apart from freshly roasted coffee, customers can also buy coffee roasters. Ongebrand b.v. is importer of the brands Genesis, Behmor and Toper. These roasters vary from small roasters for the do-it-yourselfer to bigger roasters for the professional market.

A great variety of customers

The customers who order coffee from Gebrand & Ongebrand are very diverse. Some of their private individual clients order smaller quantities ranging from one kilo to sometimes enough to fill half a car. The coffee is shipped or collected immediately after roasting. Businesses and companies from the hotel and restaurant sector also like to buy fresh, high-quality coffee from Gebrand. Companies can really make a statement with freshly roasted and brewed quality coffee.

Sandra: “When people go out for a meal, they often finish with coffee; if its taste is unsurpassed, that’s what people will remember above all else.”

Export Countries

Germany | Belgium | France | Poland | Portugal | Spain | Croatia | Finland | Norway | Suriname


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