Veterinary Laboratories

Gezondheidsdienst voor Dieren

Veterinary Laboratories

The Gezondheidsdienst voor Dieren (GD) was founded in 1919 as a provincial organisation to combat animal diseases in cows. Now, GD has grown into an international organisation with one of the biggest veterinary laboratories in the world in Deventer. Every day, more than 450 employees are working in an innovative manner to improve the health of livestock and companion animals. GD does this together with livestock farmers, veterinary practices, governments and industries. In 2017, the consolidated turnover amounted to 58 million euros. The combination of diagnostics and animal health expertise is what makes GD so unique. GD is commissioned to conduct animal health monitoring in the Netherlands, performs practical research and develops programs for animal disease prevention and disease control. GD conducts over 4.8 million lab evaluations per year, the samples for, among others, milk, blood and manure are sent in by veterinarians and farmers.

GD is internationally known as GD Animal Health and has a good international reputation as contract research organisation for applied research, education and consulting. The education and training institute GD Academy organises courses on animal health for farmers, veterinarians and the pharmaceutical and feed industry. The courses include both theory and practice of veterinary diagnostics and laboratory tests. More and more international participants are therefore finding their way to Deventer.

Renewed laboratory

In 2017, GD completely renewed its laboratory after a renovation that lasted over 2 years. The design and the logistics needed a renovation. The result is an ultramodern laboratory with an efficient design that has enough room for further growth.

Export ambition

Currently, a limited proportion of sales comes from abroad. GD wants to grow and has created an export plan in which the most promising regions have been identified. The Netherlands is leading when it comes to the knowledge and approach of animal health. Therefore, GD sees plenty of opportunities to further expand the activities in and outside of Europe.

Export Countries

Belgium | Denmark | Germany | France | United Kingdom | Italy | Brazil | China | Egypt | India | Ukraine | Russia | Suriname | Thailand | United States | Belarus | South Africa


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