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Mobility advice

Goudappel Groep

Mobility advice

Goudappel Groep, founded in 1963, employs 250 advisers and is specialised in everything related to mobility. Goudappel Groep is also – which is quite special – lead by the employees themselves.

Goudappel Coffeng is the expert agency for mobility advice, and DAT.Mobility focuses on delivering practical and IT-related solutions for mobility. Goudappel Coffeng deals with dynamic traffic management, parking and location development, strategic mobility problems, traffic research and other research and traffic behaviour and, for example, gives advice about public transport, biking and pedestrians. DAT.Mobility focuses on innovative solutions with which infrastructure and mobility can be controlled, influenced and coordinated. In other words: monitoring, managing and planning of mobility is the core of this organisation. Many public authorities, provinces, municipalities, infrastructure managements, project developers or event organisers benefit from the advice of Goudappel Coffeng and/or DAT.Mobility.

For activities abroad, Goudappel Groep launched the program called Excellent Cities a year ago. With this program, the company focuses on exporting knowledge related to mobility problems in large cities abroad. General manager Jos van Kleef: “I foresee growth of the company in the countries where we are already active. We will continue to further expand our activities abroad, especially the IT solutions and mobility services. A larger part of the sales will then stem from abroad, whereby we work with local staff.”

Although the majority of sales abroad stems from neighbouring countries, there are also export countries that are further away. Goudappel is now working on research concerning a traffic model for the port area of San Francisco. Jos: “This is an amazing job and perhaps it will open the door for more American cities. We recently also worked in Australia, and we have gotten a request from New Zealand.”

Abroad, Goudappel likes to work with other partners in Germany and the United Kingdom, for example. They also have a minority interest in companies from Belgium and Sweden. “We notice that within Goudappel Groep, unique and specific knowledge is available that can not only be used in the Netherlands but also far away to improve the economy, quality of life and accessibility of cities abroad,” Jos van Kleef said enthusiastically.

Export Countries

Belgium (subsidiary) | Germany | United Kingdom | Scandinavia | Australia | United States


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