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Production of Panels


Production of Panels

Designing a light and strong floor for stand construction was where it all began for Greenpanel. Diederick van der Horst has made his childhood dream come true. Always noticing opportunities in a market that changes and where new technology leads to product improvement.

The company produces FSC / PEFC certified lightweight construction panels. Because of the combination of different thicknesses, low weight, high stability and resistance, it is suitable for many purposes. The patented panels replace traditional panel materials such as multiplex. Greenpanel has experienced enormous growth and now produces 100,000 m2 every year, which is expected to grow to 500,000 m2 in 3 years.

In collaboration with several different partners, innovative concepts are being designed and produced, from walls, doors and countertops to design furniture, domestically and abroad. Diederick: “We will particularly grow further abroad, in addition to further market development in the Netherlands.”

Co-creation and innovation are the ingredients for Greenpanel®’s international success.

AHRMA Pallet
Ahrma has revolutionised the pallet market with its products and technical innovation. The lightweight construction of Greenpanel® are used in the ‘intelligent’ pallet they developed together. Ahrma aims to register movements, temperatures and shocks during transport with smart packaging. To make full transparency in supply chains possibly and to build trust in the use of block chain technology.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | France | Great Britain | Italy | Poland | Portugal | Spain | Dubai | Middle East | United States


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