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Groen Projectinrichting

Interior Shop

A great example about being able to export your knowledge and skill is Groen Woning- en Projectinrichting. Eric Rumpf has been in charge of this company since 1997, in which he has a clear goal: “To relieve the customer in the design of offices, commercial premises or homes, allowing the quality of work and living to become optimal”.

Groen is situated in a large company with a location that is visible from traffic axis Deventer-Colmschate. In the spacious store, there is a wide assortment of window decorations, furniture upholstery, floors and interior and exterior blinds. Many well-known brands such as Forbo, Desso, Luxaflex, Mflor and Tarkett are available at Groen. They do not only supply the consumer market. The business market is supplied from, among others, the project design department. The average customer satisfaction rate of 8.7 shows that skill and fulfilling agreements are of the utmost importance at Groen.

Groen Projectinrichting has designed the interior of many offices, schools and government buildings (such as the town hall of Deventer) in the country over the past years. That is how the export came about. It all started with the interior design of a hospital on Bonaire, which expanded to river cruise ships.

Cruise ships In the winter months, cruise ships throughout all of Europe are provided with new interior designs. Foreign ship companies, mainly American ones, moor their ships in various European ports during the winter break.

The projects are diverse, from coating the walls and floors to renovation and furnishing. This requires a very tight schedule. Many subcontractors and project managers have to work at the same time to be able to finish a job in eight weeks. Eric: “It can cause some stress when other companies involved in the redesign are not on time. During those periods, we travel a lot between Deventer, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. The great thing is that we always make our deadlines. It is always a beautiful sight when the ships have been fully renewed and ready to sail off. A nice job we did recently was the renovation of a river cruise ship into a real disco boat to attract a younger cruise audience.”

Growth ambitions Eric sees growing opportunities for his company. The only restraining factor is the availability of plenty of qualified personnel. “We set the bar very high. Existing customers should not be bothered by our ambitions.”

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | France | Austria | Italy | Switzerland


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