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Video productions


Video productions

Guxavision was established in 2010 by Elisabeth Seppen. She creates video productions for both local and international clients. Elisabeth has worked in locations such as China, New Zealand and Switzerland. In addition to Dutch, she speaks English, German and Spanish.

Products and services

Elisabeth creates video productions for various businesses and organisations. Elisabeth: ‘With film, you can show so much more than with images and text. More and more businesses see the added value in that.’ Elisabeth’s clientele varies from large multinational companies such as FrieslandCampina to smaller businesses.

Elisabeth’s most recent international commission was a video assignment in China. Elisabeth made instructional videos on how to install heaters into trucks for the multinational company Webasto.

Producing instructional films is one of Elisabeth’s specialities. Businesses are working more frequently with e-learning and video is a part of that. You can easily explain how something works on film, how to install a technical product, for example. Besides technical solutions, there are many videos about the energy transition and the agrarian sector. Elisabeth: ‘I notice that I have a lot of affinity with these areas, which translates to my films and also the increasing demand from this field.’

Export ambition

In the future, Elisabeth expects to further expand her international client base. Besides making films for Dutch businesses who are active abroad, she also sees potential in international businesses who would like to expand into the Dutch market.

Export Countries

Europe | China


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