Designs, installs and maintains technical installations


Designs, installs and maintains technical installations

A beautiful family company celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2018. Started in 1938 and expanded into a company with a broad technical knowledge and over 400 employees.
Hamer designs, installs and maintains technical installations. Director-Owner Fons Jans: “We have technical knowledge across the whole range and love the specialist work. Almost everything we do on our own and we provide 24/7 service and maintenance. ”
Hammer has grown with the construction and maintenance of gas stations and fuel depots. They are still market leader in the Benelux, bringing it to 1/3 of sales. In the meantime, this has been expanded with other specialties and other markets.
Hamer supplies electrical, climate and process installations to fire safety systems and emergency power supplies. But designs and also makes complete workshops. Recently, their package has been expanded with asbestos remediation. Customers come from the utility, industry, communication / ICT, mobility and energy.

Benelux and beyond

Since 1995, Fons Jans has been in charge. He directs the FOJA Group to which Hamer has since become part of. From its 3 locations in the Netherlands and the establishment in Belgium, Hamer serves Benelux customers in particular. The international network is much bigger. Due to its broad package and specialties, FOJA has nearly 3,000 suppliers, locally but also from America and Asia. And through their customers, they are also employed outside the Benelux. For example, Hamer has built a prefab fuel station in the middle of a desert in Africa for Tamoil. “Logistics is a big challenge,” Jans says.

Dakar rally

Hamer has a special connection with Dakar. In 2005, Jans became acquainted with Dakar and in 2013 and 2014 Hamer took part with his own team. In 2017, Jans will drive the rally truck during the Morocco Dessert Challenge. The biggest truck race in Africa. Jans: “Dakar has brought a lot. You get a huge bond with your team. Suffering together, solving problems together, having fun together and over the finish line together. It also shows who we are, you get to know a lot of people. And it also taught me not to be dependent. ”
The importance of the employees speaks from everything for Hamer. “That’s our foundation. We are doers, no nonsense and having a lot of fun in our work. Everyone sees each other, we are a real family. With half a year you know if somebody stays. “

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