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Used Machines for Sale

HaneMach Machines

Used Machines for Sale

HaneMach procures and sells used machines for industry. Machinery for metal processing are sold the most. Hans Neuteboom Machines, HaneMach, was founded in 1997, after a final school project at Larenstein (the Higher Agricultural School Deventer). With the specialisation International Market Science and International Trade, he saw an opportunity to make a living in selling used agricultural machines. He has seen very little of agricultural machines. Soon, conventional machines were delivered. Machinery for metal processing, such as lathes, milling machines, sheet metal processing and cutting.

The first shipment of used machines was exported to Peru (his country of birth), and soon new requests from South America followed. Building a company, entrepreneurship and freedom give him a boost. Even though the first years are tough, he constantly knows how to get his hands on the machinery the market is asking for.

Hans is working on developing his company and his network. After five years of South America, Europe is next. Machines are procured and sold in England, Italy, Germany and Spain. In Spain, HaneMach presents itself on a fair that is organised every year.

Internet a helping hand
Being a trader mainly means building a network and creating trust. At, the machines are offered form a hall in Deventer. In Rijssen, there is a second hall for large objects. The majority of the machines is sold directly, so transport costs stay low. “Foreigners who see a machine on his website often also ask for a video. On the basis of the images, the machine is being judged. After seeing the video, the purchase is arranged quickly,” says Hans Neuteboom. His many contacts with traders and interested parties mainly take place via WhatsApp.

Business is going well. “2009 did have a negative effect on our plans. From 2011, we have been going up steadily again,” says Hans. Of all sales, over 80% is exported. The conventional machines are mainly sold to South American and Turkish customers. The CNC-controlled machines often go to India, where they are capable of building a new computer system in the machines. The machines are shipped globally in containers (4 to 5 units).

Neuteboom is always looking for used machinery with a main interest in CNC-controlled machines.

Export Countries

Germany | England | Italy | Spain |
China | India | Morocco | Tunisia | Turkey | South America


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