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Aircraft management and maintenance

Hangar One

Aircraft management and maintenance

Aircraft maintenance business Hangar One Technics & Avionics is situated on the Teuge Airport grounds in the municipality of Voorst. Hangar One is the largest maintenance service at Teuge, and one of the largest in the Netherlands. The company’s focus lies on general aviation (small craft); it carries out maintenance and repairs to a wide range of different craft, from two-seater propeller planes to smaller business jets. Moreover, Hangar One is a large investor in the development of technical talent and is a great proponent of sustainability.


‘Safety first’ is the leading principle for the entire aviation industry. This also applies when carrying out maintenance, inspections, repairs, and modifications. Hangar One is officially recognised by EASA, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, and the FAA, the American Federal Aviation Administration. The hangar at Teuge Airport offers all the necessary facilities to provide first-class maintenance to aircraft from local and international customers. Their customer base is highly diverse; a private owner of a light aircraft is just as welcome as a commercial operator with a fleet of business craft.


Hangar One is certified to carry out maintenance on over 60 different types of aircraft. These include historical aircraft, such as the Douglas DC3. Maintenance to such craft is carried out at Schiphol Airport. Hangar One is also specialised in several aircraft types that are no longer produced. Hangar One has an extensive selection of aircraft parts in stock. This allows inspections and repairs to be carried out quickly and safely. If a part is not in stock, it is usually readily available.


The aviation industry, just like other modes of transportation, must become more sustainable. One of the potential solutions to reduce noise and carbon pollution is electric flight. Teuge is situated in the Cleantech Regio and is home to the E-Flight Academy, the first flight school in the Netherlands that uses electric aircraft. Hangar One maintains these aircraft. Hangar One is also a partner of the Dutch Electric Aviation Centre (DEAC) and works together with educational institutions such as TU Delft, the Amsterdam University of Applied Science, Deltion College, and government institutions to make the aircraft industry more sustainable. There are also international contacts with parties from China and Austria.


Hangar One is open to collaborating with other businesses and gladly welcomes ambitious trainees. Or if you would just like to have a look at how an aircraft maintenance company works, you are more than welcome for a coffee and a chat. For more information, visit or send an email to

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