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Production and wholesale company for garden centers, landscapers and nurseries


Production and wholesale company for garden centers, landscapers and nurseries

Hanol started out in 1956 as a business trading in oils and fats for the many growers that were established around the auctions in Twello at the time. Oils become less popular over the years, and Hanol switched to what it continues to be today: a manufacturer and wholesaler for garden centres, gardeners and plant nurseries. The head office is located in Twello, with a second location in Vaassen. Six professionals work at Hanol.

In-house production

Over the years, Hanol has developed extensive experience with all sorts of gardening tools and customers’ specific wishes in that regard. This has led to Hanol developing and producing their own line of gardening tools. The production partly takes place abroad and partly in their in-house workshop, where several instruments are manufactured, such as a professional garden roller, augers and spades. Repairs and revisions for various types of tools also take place here. Throwing items away is both bad for the environment and for your wallet.

Besides tools, the business also makes several products for garden centres, gardeners and nurseries. These include growing tables, greenhouse screen assembly and constructing entire film tunnels for greenhouses.

In-house fertiliser product line

In addition to tools, fertiliser is another important product group. The assortment includes both organic and chemical fertilisers. Nonetheless, the focus lies on organic fertilisers as these are better for plants, trees and the environment. Together with a supplier, Hanol has developed its own fertiliser product line with the Fortuin brand name. What makes this line unique is that the fertilisers are designed with the different aspects of the seasons in mind. They make up seven distinctive product groups, and customers appreciate having this overview. They don’t have to keep large quantities of specialised fertilisers in stock.

The own product line is a success. Each year, about 10,000 large buckets are delivered to both local customers and elsewhere. To encourage the re-use of plastic materials, Hanol has set up its own deposit system, so each bucket gets used five to six times.

The future

Hanol has developed a solid customer base with its product lines. The high level of personal service also contributes to customer loyalty. Therefore, Hanol faces the future with plenty of confidence.

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