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Helder Transport

Transport broker

Do you need to ship a pallet to Berlin, dispatch a sea container to New York, or load a full trailer in the south of France to be sent to Sweden? No assignment is too much for Helder Transport. Since 2014, Helder Transport has been carrying out international transport for around 350 companies with five employees from their office on the Harmburgweg in Deventer.

Customer-oriented service Owner Maarten Obdeijn: “Although we are a young company, we have over 40 years of transport experience in-house. The customers’ wishes come first with us. We really find that very important. Because of our extensive knowledge on import and export, and our tight transport network, we can serve our customers quickly, flexibly and for fair prices.” Helder Transport’s customer base is growing fast. “Our customers differ a lot in size and type. They can be production and trading houses, but also multinationals such as Motul, Hilton and Shell Middle East are included in our customer portfolio.”

Helder Transport’s expertise is definitely European road transport. Every day, around 100 transport unites with over 250 shipments are on the road through the whole of Europe for Helder. This includes by road, by rail, by air, and by sea. Helder Transport also has a sea and air freight department and can therefore reach nearly all worldwide destinations. In addition, Helder takes care of all possible necessary customs documentation for its customers.

Personal attention, but also automatization The company’s growth has motivated Helder to automatize many of its company processes. Because of this, the company is able to respond to its customers’ wishes in an even quicker and more flexible way. Maarten Obdeijn: “Because we have been thoroughly automatized, we are able to communicate with our customers in an even better way and we can provide them more insight into statuses, prices and documentation, for example. Furthermore, it helps us to work efficiently and accurately.”

The automatization will not replace personal contact. Maarten: “The opposite actually. We now have more time for shipments that aren’t standard but need extra personal attention. We find this very important and fun actually. No transport challenge is too much for us. Recently, a beginning entrepreneur came to visit us with the request for a trial shipment of paint to Togo. We have taken the time for this job and have been able to give the shipment, that is on its way by now, enough attention. This might be a small customer, but he definitely has the potential to grow.”

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