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Het Behouden Huis


Doll’s houses

Tineke ten Bulte has turned her hobby into her work. For more than 30 years she has been making doll’s houses and miniatures. A decade ago she gave up her job to concentrate on this full time. This has not gone unnoticed.

World leader in Deventer

Two notable achievements have confirmed Tineke’s place as one of the best miniature builders in the world. In 2019 the Deventer entrepreneur earned second place out of 300 international contestants at 1zu12 Die Messen, the largest miniature trade fair in Germany. The trade and public jury was hugely impressed by her depiction of the assignment: ‘Make a visiting card of your company’. They judged her combination of an old-fashioned and modern kitchen – featuring Deventer honey cake of course – as the second best portrayal.

The other achievement was being featured on the front cover of the 1zu12 Das trade magazine – a photo of her modern, miniature house with a seven-page article inside. Tineke is proud of the attention: “This magazine sets the standard in the international world of builders of doll’s houses and miniatures. For the third time in two years there has been an in-depth article about me. Around the world, builders of doll’s houses are seen as real artists, but in The Netherlands they occupy a far less prestigious place.”

Top trade fairs

Tineke displays her wares at 10 or 12 prestigious trade fairs around the world, from Zwolle to Chicago and Cape Town. At these fairs, doll’s houses are sold directly to interested admirers and collectors. She keeps most of her creations and collections of miniatures at home, where she also runs a shop three days a week. Visitors from neighbouring countries, and occasionally from the USA, make a beeline to the shop to admire her craftsmanship and buy her wares. Tineke has teamed up with a UK company to produce a do-it-yourself kit of one of her creations which is available to buy in her shop or online store.


Tineke wants to donate the showpieces of her collection to a museum: “This way, I hope that as many people as possible will be

able to admire them. Another cherished ambition is to construct a miniature Deventer Koek House. I know from my contacts that Americans absolutely love it”.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Denmark | France | United States | United Kingdom | South Africa


Het Behouden Huis | Tineke ten Bulte