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Production of Blast Cabinets

Holland Mineraal

Production of Blast Cabinets

Holland Mineraal is versatile in designing and manufacturing jet cabins. These cabins are supplied with abrasive transport systems, exhaust systems, abrasive cleaning systems, lighting and technical fittings. The cabins are standard or ‘custom made’, produced, assembled and installed for a client.

“A trade that is conducted by Holland Mineraal together with their own Machinefabriek Tieskens that was acquired by me in 2011”, says Rudolf de Jager about the company that his father established in 1976. The abrasives, all types of ‘grits’, are imported from various countries in the world. Metallic beads made from scrap metal and non-metallic abrasives ranging from glass pearls to cherry stones and from beach garnet to olivine sand. Based on weight, grain size, hardness and shape of the abrasive, a choice is made on which mineral is used to blast the surface clean.

The clients of the Deventer company are working in the offshore, bridge construction, shipping, steel construction or renovation of housing projects, just to name a few examples. Holland Mineraal holds a large market share in the Netherlands. In recent years, the company started focusing more on export. In order to be able to continue growing, it is necessary to look beyond national borders. And to be unique! During the assembly of a large abrasion hall in Turkey, a follow-up order was given to Holland Mineral based on trust.

From Deventer, engineers are working on projects on a daily basis, whereby development and design of installations are custom made for the client. Holland Mineraal is active in Europe and Asia, operating in Germany and Belgium from the Netherlands. In other countries, collaboration is done with agents. The collaboration with the agents leads to intensive contacts, which pays off for a solid future.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Finland | France | Greece | Great Britain | Croatia | Latvia | Poland | Romania | Slovenia | Czech Republic | Dubai | China | Egypt | India | Nigeria | Ukraine | Turkey


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