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Hoogeslag Sales & Export


For over 25 years, Marchell Hoogeslag has been active as an export manager, mainly in the food services industry, during which he has gained sales experience in almost all countries in the EU and the United Kingdom.

Since 2013, Marchell puts this experience and his extensive business network to good use as an entrepreneur in his own business: Hoogeslag Sales & Export

Knowing the language and culture opens door

Mastering foreign languages is key in the export business. ‘The fact that I speak and write French, German, English and Spanish has proven to be an essential tool. At least as important is knowledge of the culture, customs, and traditions. I have learned that the hard way over the years. Dutch people are usually seen as rather direct in the eyes of other cultures – too direct. In a country like France, this won’t get you very far. Adopting the right approach is incredibly important.’

Pick up the phone and call

Hoogeslag Sales & Export offers a diverse range of services such as market research, recruitment and selection of foreign agents, acquisition, representation at international trade fairs, sales and translation services, and much more. ‘In fact, anything that you might need to make the transition to the international market. And then not only making plans but following through on those plans. Someone will eventually need to pick up that phone to try to interest business partners abroad for a particular product or service. This is a difficult step for many SBEs, particularly the younger generation. With phone calls, you will have ten calls ending in a “no” before you get that one “yes”. Not everyone is able to deal with this.’

Partners abroad

Today, the company’s services go beyond sales and export support. The business is also working on the import side. For example, Marchell is working on recruiting suppliers in Eastern Europe for a business in the construction sector. ‘This is great fun. I get energized by working with other sectors than just the food services industry. Your horizon expands – as does your network.’

Export Countries

Germany | Belgium | France | Spain | United Kingdom


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