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In order to make sure the food chain for people is at its best, horticulture is a necessity. The Dutch horticulture has been a market leader in developments and innovations in this field for years. Hortilife knows better than any other company what the influences on cultivation and growing in greenhouses are. With over twenty years of experience, Hortilife delivers greenhouses that comply with EU and UN norms and regulations. Hortilife exports greenhouses to Eastern Europe, where the company has been active since 1994.

High tech and sustainable
Hortilife develops and creates greenhouses with Dutch technology and materials made in the Netherlands. Producing sustainably, also in the long-term, is also determined by glass sizes, possible screening plants, light transmission and construction materials, so cultivation in a safe complex is guaranteed. The profiles of a greenhouse, for example, are based on weather conditions and the expected snowfall in Eastern Europe. Calculations are compared to international norms. Hortilife delivers greenhouses, heating and cooling systems, watering, drainage and fertiliser systems, cultivation systems, controlling systems and software. Greenhouses are delivered turn-key.

A collaboration between the engineers of Hortilife and several different partners also leads to innovations that can be applied in the greenhouses, such as energy saving. Energy costs are often high and can be reduced effectively with the ‘Air & Energy-system’. By placing air ventilation channels below the crops, in combination with heat recovery on the facade, a more uniform temperature distribution with less energy can be realised. The crops will grow better and production will increase. At the same time, energy is saved and energy costs decrease. They are also collaborating with Dutch partners for the production of steel and aluminium frames, screen systems and a roof washing machine for cleaning glass, for example.

Hortilife, an innovator that develops in a sustainable way. With its location on the A1 company site in the fall of 2018, producing, developing and building in a sustainable way will get a boost. A great perspective!

Export Countries

Russia | Ukraine | Belarus | Poland | Kazakhstan | the Baltic States | Zambia | Kenya | Armenia | Ethiopia | Brazil | Mexico

Account Manager

Hortilife | Roland Bakker